The Artist

從事國畫及喜愛國畫的人,也許都有一種恬淡與安靜的氣質。國畫是一個可以表達內心的藝術,它需要長期的工作,將理性與感情溶入創作中,在安靜中端詳和審視,那是一种细微的情感,不斷地交織在內心,喜欢國畫的艺术家与爱好者,都沈浸在人類本性中對美的追求。 生長於四川成都的麗娟無時無刻不在生活裡尋找美的影蹤再將其吸收、轉化成嶄新的感動。家鄉層巒聳翠的蜀山到碧水微瀾的九寨溝讓麗娟自幼便對中國水墨畫的意境和大自然無限延伸的色彩擁有無可比擬的敏銳度。 本來一直專注於傳統中國畫創作的麗娟從西方的的藝術世界裡發現了中國畫的一種新可能,並在接下來的十年裡持續旅居游學瑞士、法國、義大利、英國等地,不斷的磨練和參悟如何將繽紛、豐富的西方風情融入含蓄、深刻的中國水墨。畢業于成都大学工业民用建筑系的丽娟更将尺度严谨、锱铢必较的西方建筑学融入大开大阖、形随意變的中国水墨画里,借鉴现代水墨前辈的丰硕成果,在一直不断追寻「美的真義」的道路上驗證與推翻自己的世界。 进入不惑之年的女艺术家朱麗娟女士一直都保持了对于現代水墨的内在激情,从国外的学习到国内的高層次進修,低调而隐忍,持久守住哪一點敏感性,面对世间万物的变化无常,却以内心的纯净与透明,让事物稍纵即逝的那点灵光被绘画挽留住,隽永地留下来。 朱麗娟女士現長居香港,為中國國家畫院詹庚西先生高研班工作室長駐畫家。

撰稿人 中國著名藝術評論家 王保權

It could be said that artists who engage in traditional Chinese painting share characteristics of peace and tranquility. After all, Chinese painting is an art form that focuses on the expression of the inner-self though prolonged periods of reflection of one’s senses and sensibilities. Which is why artists and admirers of Chinese paintings are enthralled by the art form. After all, what could be more beautiful than humanity’s inherent need to search for beauty?

Zhu Lijuan was born in the city of Cheng Du, Sichuan province, where some of China’s most magnificent mountain ranges, multi-leveled waterfalls, and snow-capped peaks reside. Growing up surrounded by Sichuan’s splendid geological environment, Ms. Zhu developed a keen sense for nature’s beauty at a young age, and has been resolute in her journey to find and present the true meaning of art and beauty.

As an established artist of traditional Chinese painting, Ms. Zhu had focused on the art form for most of her career. However, her ten-year journey across Europe yielded new discoveries for her from the realm of Western art, and has since then turned Ms. Zhu’s focus from traditional Chinese painting to a new art form that combines the vibrancy and vitality of the West and the reserved yet impressionistic form of the East. To this day, Ms. Zhu strives to pay homage to the pioneers of modern traditional Chinese painting, and continues to verify and overthrow her own theories on the journey in her search for the true meaning of beauty.

Ms. Zhu’s is able to capture a small glimpse of purity and tranquility in an ever-changing world as ephemeral and impermanent as ours, and preserve it in unique art pieces that are as immortal as the form of traditional Chinese painting itself.

Ms. Zhu resides in Hong Kong, and is currently a resident artist at the China National Academy of Painting.